【School News】 Students Achieve New Success in the 9th Zhejiang International "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition with 2 Gold Awards, 2 Silver Awards

Time:2023/7/26 11:15:44

The finals of the 9th Zhejiang International "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition were held on July 23. Candidates from our school and hospital performed exceptionally well and won two gold awards and two silver awards. With the theme of "Brave, Creative as I Can Be" and the goals of being "more Zhejiang, more international, more educational, more comprehensive, more innovative, and more collaborative", the competition attracted more than 400 thousand contestants from 114 schools in the province with 50.9 thousand projects, which covered various fields such as new engineering, new medicine, new agriculture, and new humanities.


"Yikexin Embryo Transfer Gel - 'One Transfer Makes One Hope'” won the Gold Award of the Higher Education Main Track. Focusing on the problem of immature IVF technology in the country, the team developed and prepared Yikexin Embryo Transfer Gel by supplementing the QHcg complex, which is a new type of gel constructed through thermo-sensitive phase transition technology. As a result, the success rate of embryo transfer is significantly improved, achieving a survival rate of over 80% and an implantation rate of nearly 80%. This project effectively solves the problems of embryo culture, transfer, and implantation. Currently, it can be used for embryo transfer and research in experimental animals and aims to solve a series of problems in the clinical human embryo transfer process.

"Building Future for Children - Pioneer of the Integrated System of Prevention, Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment for Congenital Heart Disease in Vulnerable Children" has won the gold award in the 'Youth Red Dream Journey' Track. The project focuses on three major groups of vulnerable children that are of particular concern to society. With the concept of “full-cycle management” of congenital heart disease and based on the professional resources of the university and school, the project has carried out screening for congenital heart disease, psychological intervention, and dissemination of knowledge about congenital heart disease.

It continues to bring more students and social volunteers, gradually expands the scope of services, further enriches the content of services, and safeguards the physical and mental health of children thus forming a precise, full-cycle, sustainable, and replicable integrated system of prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment. It is committed to bringing every child with congenital heart disease closer to their dreams. After more than two decades of dedication, the project has established 10 volunteer service bases and benefited a total of 53,000 individuals. While helping children with heart diseases achieve their dreams, the team members also achieve their life’s potential.

In addition, the projects “Easy Test – Pioneer of Affinity Detection of Reproductive Tract Mycoplasma" and "Sai Ao Si - Targeted Repair of Damaged Nerves and Precise Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury", have won silver awards.

The team of “Easy Test – Pioneer of Affinity Detection of Reproductive Tract Mycoplasma" is committed to developing a diagnostic test kit for early detection of genital Mycoplasma infection for women. Genital Chlamydia infection is a commonly seen infection with the characteristics of wide transmission, hidden symptoms, and high susceptibility. This kit aims to overcome these challenges through early and accurate diagnosis, which will benefit a large number of women.

The team of "Sai Ao Si - Targeted Repair of Damaged Nerves and Precise Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury" innovatively discovered the phenomenon of "uneven hypoxia" after spinal cord injury. Based on this finding, they used adenoviral vectors, four-plasmid co-transfection system, and multi-step gene recombination to regenerate neurons, induced axonal sprouting to break through scar tissue thus reconstructing the neural network.

The school attaches great importance to this competition. Chen Kailiang, the deputy secretary of the Party committee of the hospital, specially visited the participating teachers and students before the provincial finals and held a mobilization meeting. The meeting not only instilled confidence into the participating teams, but also conveyed the spirit of innovation and positivity, encouraging everyone to enjoy the process of the competition and improvement of themselves.

Featuring the core element of "Brave, Creative as I Can Be", the "Internet +" competition continuously leads the reform of the talent cultivation model of higher education and enhances students' abilities of innovation and entrepreneurship. Under the guidance of the school, more students will achieve more brilliant achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship. Students are encouraged to take these teams as role models to pursue their dreams and break new ground.

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