【Hospital Culture】Following the marrow contract, igniting the flame of life - a student of our school became the 100th hematopoietic stem cells donor in Wenzhou

Time:2023/4/14 11:05:22

On the morning of April 14, Chen Jianxin, a student in 2021 majoring in pediatrics at our hospital, successfully donated hematopoietic stem cells, extending the hope of life for patients who have never met. Chen Jianxin became the 100th hematopoietic stem cell donor in Wenzhou.

Chen has always had a dream of treating diseases and saving lives. Last spring, he learned about the China Marrow Donor Program at a blood donation event held by Xinglin (Medical) Youth Volunteer Service Club. He learned about hematopoietic stem cell donation through the "Life follows, Marrow follows" activity. Chen immediately joined the program, saying, “Although the probability of success in matching is one in tens of thousands, I am willing to use my strength to save the lives of others.”

Donating hematopoietic stem cells requires courage and a bit of luck. Less than a year after joining the program, Chen received the good news of successful matching and passing the physical examination one after another. He was excited and firmly expressed his willingness to donate. Thanks to his persistence and love for sports, Chen has always been healthy and meets the donation criteria. However, the follow-up process could have been more timely, and the donation process was interrupted due to changes in the patient's condition. Still, fortunately, the news of the resumption of the donation came.

Chen was born in a small town on the border between Hunan and Guizhou. His parents worked on the family farm, and he aspired to become a doctor from an early age to save lives and help the injured. When he was informed of the successful matching, he explained to his parents the donation principle, that there was no harm to the body, and that the parents gave strong support.

"I want to tell everyone that donating stem cells does not significantly impact them, for they can be recovered. But it may be difficult to ignore for those who need it, and I hope you can summon up the courage to help others bravely." After the donation, Chen issued an initiative to the young friends.

To carry forward Chen's noble rescue behavior, Chen Kailiang, deputy secretary of the party committee of the hospital, leaders of the Wenzhou Red Cross Society, and members of the Xinglin Volunteer "Blood Bank”, specially attended a grand departure ceremony for Chen and expressed his regards to Chen at the donation site.

It is reported that since its establishment in 2012, the publicity campaign of the "Life follows, Marrow follows" hematopoietic stem cell donation has mobilized nearly 4,600 teachers and students from colleges and universities in Wenzhou to join the Chinese Marrow Donor Program. A large number of outstanding young students have emerged from Wenzhou Medical University: Zheng Keke, the first college student in Wenzhou who donated hematopoietic stem cells, and Ke Shouyu, the youngest hematopoietic stem cell donor in Wenzhou, interpreted the strong sense of social responsibility and selfless dedication of contemporary college students with practical actions, injecting fresh power into the vigorous development of hematopoietic stem cell donation. In the future, the "Life follows, Marrow follows" project will always uphold the service concept of "Life with marrow, perseverance for love", encourage more caring people to continue to write the "Life-marrow contract" and illuminate the life path of others.

(Author|Student Affairs Office Lian Yi, Shen Jundan, Zhang Yiming; Photo|Zhuang Yuhan, Chen Qingyu; Translator| International Exchange and Cooperation Department L. Zhu)

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