The Nursing Team

The nursing team of the Second Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University and Yuying Children's Hospital has 2,159 nurses, including 1 with a Ph.D. degree, 43 completing postgraduate education, and 9 master's supervisors. The number of nurses with bachelor's degrees or above accounts for more than 88.14% of the nursing team. There are 197 specialized nurses and 117 nursing workers holding various positions in academic groups at the national, provincial, and municipal levels. The nursing team adheres to the philosophy of "using smiles, enthusiasm, and expertise to make patients feel close, comfortable, and at ease!" With the goal of “providing quality nursing services, excellent nursing techniques, a safe treatment environment, and scientific nursing management”, the team prioritizes the improvement of nursing services and quality, focuses on nursing teaching and research, strengthens nursing ranks, and creates a professional, warm, and caring SMART nursing team. The team provides medical and nursing services to nearly 30 million residents in southern Zhejiang and northern Fujian and contributes to the hospital's comprehensive high-quality development.