Medical Services

The hospital has implemented the strategy of "developing advantageous specialties and strengthening comprehensive capabilities" in depth and improved the differentiated arrangement of medical services across various campuses. Currently, the hospital has three campuses, namely, Longwan Campus (including the Rehabilitation Medicine Center), Lucheng Campus (including Xueyuan Road Branch and Nanpu Branch), and Oujiangkou Campus. The hospital strives to establish and improve emergency and critical care systems on all campuses. Among them, the Longwan Campus is a medical center for adults and focuses on oncology and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; the Lucheng Campus focuses on obstetrics & gynecology and pediatrics; and the Oujiangkou Campus mainly focuses on orthopedics and trauma.

Among 4983 hospital employees, there are 757 with senior professional titles and 258 postgraduate supervisors, including 41 doctoral supervisors. Many excellent faculty and staff have been selected in national and provincial talent programs.

The medical service processes and platforms are continuously optimized to realize "one-window acceptance, one-stop service, and one-seal management". The hospital has established an Internet Hospital Center and continued to improve medical treatment technology and capabilities. A total of 359 cases of surgery using the da Vinci surgical system, 42 cases of minimally invasive orthopedic robotic-assisted surgery, and 44 cases of heart valve intervention surgery have been performed. 55 new technologies and projects were approved for application within the hospital. The ability to use ECMO for adults and children has been improved. The Warm Nursing Station 3.0 has been established to build a whole-process quality nursing service chain based on core diseases. The hospital actively steers hospital-acquired infections towards preventing problems before they start and achieves good results in various indicators throughout the year such as hand hygiene compliance rate, hospital infection rate, and class I surgical site infection rate.

According to the rankings of Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics (STEM) 2022, 8 disciplines entered the national Top 50 and 26 disciplines entered the national Top 100. The hospital ranked 76th nationwide in the five-year Accumulation Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics (ASTEM). At present, the hospital embraces 3 specialties under the National Construction Project of Key Clinical Specialty, 1 under the National Key Construction Specialty of The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 4 Zhejiang Provincial Primary Disciplines of Clinical Medicine (Anesthesiology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, and Obstetrics and Gynecology), 2 Provincial Key Supported Disciplines, 1 Provincial Innovation Team, 12 Provincial Key Supported and Innovation Disciplines, 8 Key Provincial Disciplines and Specialties of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 3 Provincial Key Laboratories, 2 Provincial Key Laboratories of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1 Provincial Clinical Research Center, 1 Provincial Engineering Research Center, and 2 Provincial International Cooperation Bases for Scientific and Technological Cooperation. The anesthesiology research team has published research results in the top medical journal JAMA (IF=56.27). Besides, the hospital has won a second prize in the State Science and Technology Award and one Major National Science and Technology Project.