【Good Deeds】A doctor in our hospital encountered a car accident and did not hesitate to rescue him on a rainy day.

Time:2023/3/23 9:54:49

"Don't be nervous. I’m a doctor..." On the way home from work, Hong Chengcai, a doctor from the emergency department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, saw a person lying on the road, bleeding from his head.

It was rainy at 7 p.m. on March 22, and the fog blurred the vision. Dr. Hong Chengcai had just left the hospital gate after a day's emergency work, only to hear a shrill brake, followed by a loud bang. "I saw a person lying on the ground with bleeding from his head," Hong recalled. At that moment, he did not hesitate to stop and took out the first aid items from the car to give first aid to the injured. "Don't worry; I’m a doctor from the Second Affiliated Hospital; I’ll help you." Hong Chengcai comforted the injured while checking on his injuries.

"I don't know what happened, my head hurts now, and the right side of my body hurts..." At that time, the patient was still conscious, his breathing and pulse were stable, and a wound on his head could be seen bleeding. Hong Chengcai used gauze to compress the wound to stop bleeding and protected the patient's cervical spine to prevent further injuries while calling emergency colleagues for support. When emergency colleagues arrived at the scene, everyone worked together to carry the patient on a stretcher with ECG monitoring and escorted him to the emergency room.

The resuscitation room immediately opened a green channel and quickly escorted him for a CT examination. Upon examination: head bleeding; scalp soft tissue injury; fractures of the right shoulder blade, clavicle, and three ribs on the right side; L4 left transverse process and L5 right transverse process fractures. The patient was subsequently admitted to a specialist ward and is now undergoing further treatment and rehabilitation.

It is reported that this patient is a uremia patient who must come to the hospital for regular hemodialysis. After today's hemodialysis treatment, he was ready to go home, but an accident occurred. This is the second car accident injured rescued by Dr. Hong Chengcai in six months. Last November, a woman suffered a car accident on the Qidu Bridge in the urban area and was lying on the ground, and Dr. Hong Chengcai, who was passing by, immediately stopped and took out a first-aid kit from the car to give the woman first aid. For his righteous and courageous behavior, Hong Chengcai was awarded the “Wenzhou Good Person” title.

Out of professional habits, Dr. Hong Chengcai always has a first-aid kit and medical supplies in his car, and he is always ready to help those in need around him.

(Author| Emergency Department, Hu Wenhua; Editor| Publicity and United Front Work Department, Chen Yingying; Translator| International Exchange and Cooperation Department L. Zhu)

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