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Several Coma Conditions in 5 Days, Finally Defused A "Time Bomb" In the Heart

He fainted repeatedly for five days and fell black and blue. What he thought was a brain attack turned out to be a "time bomb" hidden in his heart.

Zhang, 59, who works in a toy factory under a bridge in Yongjia county, suddenly fainted about 20 days ago. He said, faint at the moment is very sudden, basically half an hour will wake up, after going to the hospital to do brain CT, ruled out cerebral infarction, did not find what problem went home.

In the night of October 21, Mr. Zhang suddenly fainted again without any symptoms. His family sent him to the cardiovascular department of the second affiliated hospital of WMU. The doctor gave him a heart B overtime. When the doctor was performing an examination, he fainted again. Doctors determined that the blood flow to the patient's heart was blocked and an operation was needed immediately.

After more than four hours of surgery, Zhang's tumor was removed from his heart. On November 6, Mr. Zhang recovered and was discharged from hospital.

Liu Yong, deputy chief physician of cardiothoracic surgery of affiliated second hospital of wen medical university, introduced that the heart of ordinary people and their fists are generally big, but the heart of Mr. Zhang wrapped a peach size tumor, blocked the artery blood flow of the heart." The tumor of cardiac myxoma is like jelly. Due to its unstable state, it may fall off at any time, causing cerebral infarction, heart failure and pulmonary embolism. It is like a hidden 'time bomb'. However, Zhang's tumor envelope was intact and no tumor exfoliated. Cardiac myxoma may not be uncomfortable in the early stages, but as the tumor grows, it can be very dangerous."

Liu Yong says, cardiac myxoma is the benign tumor with common heart, multiple in left atrium, also have occasionally appear in right atrium, it can bring about cardiac valve function abnormality, affect cardiac function, and fall off easily cause hemal embolism. Once a cardiac myxoma is diagnosed, surgery must be performed as soon as possible.

From Wenzhou Metropolis Daily, November 6, 2019.11


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