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List of Postgraduate Supervisors

PhD Supervisors


l  Anesthesiology

Prof. Fang Gao Smith, Prof. Jin Shengwei, Prof. Lian Qingquan


l  Internal Medicine

Prof. Lin Jiafeng


l  Obstetrics and Gynecology

Prof. Lv Jieqiang, Prof. Zhu Xueqiong


l  Pathology and Pathophysiology

Prof. Ge Renshan


l  Pediatrics

Prof. Li Changchong, Prof. Li Zhongrong, Prof. Lin Jin


l  Surgery

Prof. Gao Weiyang, Prof. Wang Xiangyang, Prof. Xu Huazi




Master Supervisors


l  Anesthesiology

Prof. Cao Hong, Prof. Chen Haolin, Prof. Deng Haiyun, Prof. Fan Lihua, Prof. Fang Gao Smith, Prof. Li Jun, Prof. Li Xingwang, Prof. Lin Han, Prof. Liu Huacheng, Prof. Shangguan Wangning, Prof. Sun Jianlinag, Prof. Yao Ming


l  Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics

Prof. Hu Yunliang, Prof. Jiang Minghua, Prof. Li Xiangyang, Prof. Zheng Xiaoqun


l  Clinical Medicine of Combined Chinese and Western Medicine

Prof. Cheng Jinguo


l  Combined Chinese and Western Medicine

Prof. Hu Haiyan, Prof. Jiang Songhe


l  Dermatology and Venereology

Prof. Gao Yu


l  Emergency Medicine

Prof. Chen Daqing, Prof. Gong Yuqiang


l  Imagine Medicine and Nuclear Medicine

Prof. Cheng Jianmin, Prof. He Jiawei, Prof. Xu Chongyong, Prof. Yan Zhihan, Prof. Zhao Yaping


l  Internal Medicine

Prof. Cai Zhenzhai, Prof. Cai Hui Hugh, Prof. Dai Yuanrong, Prof. Ji Kangting, Prof. Jiang Yi, Prof. Wang Yan, Prof. Xia Xiaodong, Prof. Xue Zhanxiong, Prof. Yao Rongxin, Prof. Zheng Chao


l  Neurology

Prof. Han Zhao, Prof. Lin Yan, Prof. Zhang Xiong, Prof. Zheng Guoqing


l  Nursing

Prof. Zhang Chunmei, Prof. Zhang Liping, Prof. Zhu Cong


l  Obstetrics and Gynecology

Prof. Chen Haolin, Prof. Chen Wenbing, Prof. Duan Ping, Prof. Ge Hongshan, Prof. Hu Yue, Prof. Hua Ying, Prof. Jin Xingliang, Prof. Qu Wanglei, Prof. Wang Fan, Prof. Wang Yuhuan, Prof. Xie Ailan, Prof. Xu Zhangye, Prof. Zhao Junzhao


l  Oncology

Prof. Chen Wenjun


l  Ophthalmology

Prof. Bi Qing, Prof. Zheng Haihua, Prof. Zheng Suilian


l  Otorhinolaryngology

Prof. Chen Bobei, Prof. Ni Liyan


l  Pediatrics

Prof. Cai Xiaohong, Prof. Chen Chao, Prof. Chen Xiang, Prof. Chu Maoping, Prof. Dong Lin, Prof. He Shijun, Prof. Lin Zhenlang, Prof. Luo Chunfen, Prof. Pan Guoquan, Prof. Shan Xiaoou, Prof. Shen Shuhong, Prof. Sun Kun, Prof. Wu Lihui, Prof. Wu Rongzhou, Prof. Xu Zhiwei, Prof. Ye Leping, Prof. Zhang Chunxiang, Prof. Zhang Hailin, Prof. Zhang Hao, Prof. Zhang Weixi, Prof. Zhao Wei, Prof. Zheng Jinghao, Prof. Zhuang Jieqiu


l  Pharmacy

Prof. Wang Zengshou, Prof. Wu Chaoming, Prof. Zhu Guanghui


l  Rehabilitation Medicine and Physiatry

Prof. Jiang Songhe


l  Surgery

Prof. Chen Haixiao, Prof. Chen Hua, Prof. Chen Yinghe, Prof. He Dengwei, Prof. Hong Dun, Prof. Hong Jianjun, Prof. Hong Zhenghua, Prof. Huang Qishan, Prof. Huang Yixing, Prof. Ji Weiping, Prof. Kong Jianzhong, Prof. Li Zhijie, Prof. Liang Wenqing, Prof. Lin Jian, Prof. Lin Yan, Prof. Liu Changbao, Prof. Ni Wenfei, Prof. Pan Jun, Prof. Pan Xiaoyun, Prof. Qian Yu, Prof. Shen Xian, Prof. Wang Jiwei, Prof. Xue Jixin, Prof. Yang Lei, Prof. Yu Kehe, Prof. Zhang Qiyu, Prof. Zhang Nu, Prof. Zhao Youming, Prof. Zhao Qifeng, Prof. Zheng Zhiqiang, Prof. Yan Hede


 *Note: Both the programs and supervisors are listed in alphabetical order.



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